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keninaz 04-07-2018 05:37 PM

Pellets for Umarex Fusion?
I picked up a couple of Umarex Fusion rifles and I am setting up a target range in our back yard.
I bought some generic .177 pellets for the guns but I was wondering if these particular rifles have a preference pellet wise for accuracy.

keninaz 04-09-2018 06:30 PM

I happened to run across a video on UTube that tested the Fusion with 5-6 pellets of varying weights and types.
I was amazed at the difference in accuracy.
I found that the JSB Match Diabolo Exact RS 7.33 grain doomed pellet was superior to all those that they tested. And in fact I found out that the pellets I ordered with the rifles for our backyard range were rather inaccurate in that same rifle.

Anyway, I ordered some of the JSB pellets as I want high accuracy for competition between the wife and I.

Interesting what you can find on the internet with a simple search.

This is the report that I read.

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