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Badmoets 04-23-2017 08:28 PM

Broken Infinity .22 stock

in januari my mate S. and i decided to take all our Korean airguns to the range.Some Career III 300 s, three Infinity .22 MK1 and Mk2, the 201 and the LBC Infinity 9 mm.

At some point S. came to me. 'I dropped yer gun Roel and the the stock broke.' S. is a great guy, and can`t get angry with him. Why should i? He`s not the kinda guy that breaks stocks for fun.

Dayum! A broken stock for an Infinity is kinda hard to get by. When i asked Joost, the Dutch Shinsung importer he flushed all my hope down the drain. Forget it Roel. No way there`s a stock available over there.


I mailed lotsa stock repairmen over the world. Hardly anyone of `em reacted. They don`t seem to need work i suppose. Over here in the Netherlands there`s one great stock maker. van Breen from guns and gunstocks. He got the stock to repair it. It`s not cheap. Restoring the checkering and colouring the stock after it has been glued were options i didn`t do. Cost me too much money. So i decided to have the stock glued and no more than that. If needed i didn`t mind spray painting the stock black.

I was stunned when it got the stock back. Maybe i am easily stunned, dunno that, but i was.

The glue seems to have the same colour as the dark stripes on the stock. Lucky me. I don`t know how van Breen has done this but the resulsts are great.

Seemless and coloured.

It`s visible he did some sanding. Looks like some wear of a thumb or such...

A close up of the checkering. Nearly perfect!

A joyeus day having the gun on the track again. Here together with the Career III 300.


Roel aka Fokke Mol

grumpy 04-23-2017 08:50 PM

Wow, nice repair for "just" gluing it together. Hows it shooting ?


Badmoets 04-23-2017 10:14 PM

Hiya Dave,

to be honest me and the gun are a fairly reasonable team.

The gun was tied to an Aqua Environment regulator te keep the working pressure stabile. Shinsungs are underestimated. They`re accurate as f**k.


Roel aka Fokke Mol

Jward681 04-24-2017 09:21 PM

Wow he did great work repairing that stock. Be tough yo get much better than that!

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