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Badmoets 07-28-2017 07:19 PM

the Blue Benchrest .25
Hi folks,

i want to introduce you to a special airgun. The Blue Benchrest. Cees, a friend of mine made a few stocks. Some day he took to customizing airguns. He has made some beautifulol creations.

One of his creations is this gun. The Blue Benchrest. Cees is a wizard with a chunk of wood, the metal work he leaves to somebody else. Cees has a strange love for benchrest guns. Benchrest shooting over here in the Netherlands hardly exists. But Cees made a few benchrest guns. The Blue Benchrest is one of `m.

The gun was made in 2011 and at that time i was sure it was the most special airgun i had ever seen. Before Cees got to shoot it he sold the gun. What an effing waste! The gun travelled through the entire Netherlands ans early 2016 some guy asked me if i would like to repair the gun. Sure! I took it apart, put it back together agai, shot it a few times -not too often, it wasn`t my gun- and put the gun in the walk in gun closet. I knew i wanted the gun someday, somehow. About a year later the owner asked me to send the gun to him. He was moving abroad and wanted to sell the gun. The price was too steep for me. A guy from the range where i am shooting bought it. We made the deal that if he ever wanted to get rid of the gun i`d have the first opportunity to buy it.

Last week he asked me if i`d still want the Blue Benchrest. I did. Still do. It`s mine now. Yeah!

What he wanted was a gun with wich he could place on a bench, regulated, .25, a benchrest stock with a 3" fore end, a new breech. The lower part of the gun is a Daystate X2 or sumpin` like that. The breech is hand made, the stainless shroud is hand made, the stainless triggerguard is hand made. The stock comes from Richards Microfit Gunstocks and Sam`s Custom Shop (Purmerend the Netherlands) did the paint job. Originally the gun was fitted with a HuMa regulator. I took it out.For no specific reason. The scope mounts are custom made too.

The stainless bolt. Hand made. Closed.

And opened.

The aluminum butpad.

The shroud.

The triggerguard.

to be continued.....

Badmoets 07-28-2017 07:25 PM

part 2.

Here it is. The Blue Benchrest.

On my site Fokke Mol Airguns are some examples of things Cees made.


Badmoets (aka Roel aka Fokke Mol)

grumpy 07-29-2017 03:40 PM

Roel, I am usually not one to like "non conventional" colored stocks, but DAYUM !, I am in love with this gun. You have to tell, or better yet, show us how it shoots.


OleTomCat 08-01-2017 03:45 AM

That is a beautiful piece of work....

Badmoets 08-01-2017 07:59 PM


i`m very pleased with the gun, unfortunately i can shoot but twice a week in our dirty, dark, moist and sinister shooting range some 15 miles from my house. Last saturday ik took the Blue Benchrest along and after some testing at 100 metres i shot some reasonable groups.

There was some 190 bar left in the tank and i didn`t use the regulator. As far as i`m concerned the working pressure is too high, tomorrow i`m going to try to shoot at some 160 bar.

Groups are these.

Best regards.


grumpy 08-02-2017 04:36 PM

I'd say that's some dam fine shooting.

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