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Jward681 01-26-2017 08:03 PM

Common AirForce issues
I wanted to start a thread for AF owners to share my experiences as well as get others to chime in with theirs about any problems you've had with these guns.
MY experience with my Talon to date has been filled with a ton of fun, accuracy (well as best as I can do with her:p) and minimal issues until recently. My baby developed a leak and after some trial and error I finally nailed it down. Turns out the poppet, or valve seat as I'm told AF calls it, has gotten a decent groove in it from use and therefore won't seal. In the process of removing the part the oring that seals the brass face of the valve cracked in half. I'll be calling AF soon to order the parts and get her back running and will update with both pics and prices once I have the chance. Hopefully I'll be able to capture the groove to show your all.

Anyone else that can add to this please help make this a reference thread for future use.


Airgun.Sniper 01-26-2017 09:48 PM

Most common issues (earlier models) is the vavle. Over powering the hammer has destroyed some valves.

Jward681 02-02-2017 03:19 AM

Jay bashing threads become useless other than to complain. This thread is intended to show issues and repairs so that others can benefit from previous experiences.

Jward681 02-02-2017 03:27 AM

So as promised above I will show pics of the parts. Luckily at this time I can skip ordering parts as Jim AKA jimminiecricket told me to try something and it worked. He suggested lapping the seat with toothpaste and seeing if I could get it to seal. After 2 tries I got it working. GEL TYPE TOOTHPASTE FAILED ON FIRST ATTEMPT. COLGATE TO THE RESCUE I chucked the poppet into a drill, applied paste to sealing surface and went to work. After about a minute of slow speed and slight pressure of the brass collar into the poppet I was able to get the seat sealed again.
Brass collar and poppet....
Poppet by itself. Hard to get good pic of the groove in the seat but you can make it out in this pic...
After attempting this fix, I filled the tank to 1000psi and let it sit. After 24 hours she showed no signs of leaking so bumped pressure to 2000psi. Another 2 days with no loss and I'm calling it done.
As for the oring that cracked, I used an A111 ring from a Harbor Freight oring kit and it sealed just fine. One trick I did was to install brass collar then loosen and retighten to make sure it sealed. I did have slight leakage on first attempt thus the loosen and retighten. Also had about 200psi in tank when I did this to help oring situate itself properly.

Clifford 02-15-2017 11:20 PM

Nice photos. Jim was right, it's a very simple poppet design. Wonder if AF has changed anything due to this issue?

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