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Redrum4fun 02-12-2017 02:09 PM

Hello All
Hello I'm Doung and I'm an Alcoholic.

OOPS wrong forum; sorry

I'm Doug; completely sober and level headed, but for the record, NRA doesn't stand for Nicely Ripened Avacado.

I googled it and thus here I am!

living out Michigan way shooting everything that doesn't move. I'm currently figuring out my Hatsan Gladius and looking to get into Big Bore this spring.

Look forward to chatting

critter99 02-12-2017 02:40 PM

Welcome aboard ...air supply pictures to get ya going

Redrum4fun 02-12-2017 02:47 PM

I see. I went to that website yesterday and they were sold out of the hand tight fitting but was going to call Monday and see about getting an order in or some sort of notification when they get restocked. I will know for sure what I have in the second tank when it gets here on Monday. I think the previous owner wasn't loading an air rifle in a traditional manner I suspect. Thanks for the help yesterday. I was just about to chart out my numbers from the chrony I showed you. Will google up a template :P

Airgun.Sniper 02-12-2017 03:37 PM

Welcome Doug to the Airgun Forum


Jward681 02-12-2017 05:12 PM

Doug welcome aboard. Glad ya found us

Clifford 02-13-2017 12:18 AM

Welcome. Glad you stumbled on over.

Redrum4fun 02-13-2017 12:22 AM

Lol..stumbled indeed. Thanks

grumpy 02-13-2017 09:48 PM

Hi Doug,

Welcome aboard. Glad ya found us. Hope you enjoy your stay. By the way, you should fit in perfectly.


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