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PakProtector 11-19-2017 01:22 PM

RX2 Re-Seal
I got my RX2 in the spring of 2012...seems like yesterday...:) It shot 895 fps with JSB 5mm pellets and continued to do so for a few years. I tried reducing ram pressure a bit and at around 800 fps found it a lot less harsh on firing.

It dieseled just a wee bit, and pretty consistently throughout its OEM build. I finally got some help to tear it down, and found the front of the seal face eaten away quite radically. In went a Macarri 426 bullet seal. I boosted ram pressure until I hit 825 fps, and got the cocking force I remembered. Lube used was exclusively Krytox AC42, a boron nitride, and rust inhibitor enhanced fluropolymer lube. It is smooth and has nothing to burn...:)

Do not follow the instructions seen on the web to pound any of the swaged pins in the cocking linkage out; leave all that connected to the barrel block and remove it as an assembly. I have no idea why anybody would take that bit apart; there is no need and why risk the proper re-assembly with re-using a 1-use pin? Bloody idiots IMO...:D

The job was easier than a Diana 34, and those nearly leap apart when requested. No spring compressor required!

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