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Badmoets 03-31-2017 09:40 PM

BAM the Koejak .25

some time ago a friend from Belgium asked me if i wanted an defect BAM B50, the BAM consisted of a bag of parts and offcourse i wanted the mortal remains of the BAM. He sent it to me. I discovered the BAM on the Dutch Airgunboard. A well known HFT shooter bought it and fitted the Daystate stock. I had it in the gun vault for some time.

Like i said,the BAM action had a Daystate stock. Great. I like that.
Last summer i made a new valve for the gun and i decided to put the Hatsan .25 barrel i had lying around in it. I bought the Hatsan barrel for some 50 dollar.THe Hatsan barrel is quite a bit longer than the BAM barrel. I heated the breech with the barrel and it came out pretty easy.

The Hatsan transfer port didn`t match but since i`ve got a lathe that`s no problem.

The diameter of the Hatsan barrel was 11 mm, the BAM breech asks for 12,6 mm. I reduced the diameter of the Hatsan barrel to some 10 mm and made a bushing to get to that 12,6 mm. I had a piece of Cometa barrel in my drawer and i made the bushing af that piece of barrel. No better material to make a barrel bushing of than a barrel doncha agree?

The cheap ass Chink lathe working like a madman.

See if it fits.

To be continued......

Badmoets 03-31-2017 10:08 PM

the Koejak

since the BAM was a .22 the probe is a .22 too. Luckily i found a probe that i seemed to have for some with a bigger diameter on the front end. I`ve got lotsa o rings and because the diameter of the probe is larger there`s no problem to air tighten the barrel. I used a reamer to modify the breech a bit so the pellets would chamber without too much hassle. In the end it worked fine.

Next thing is to drill and thread the breech so the barrel can be placed.

I don`t like barrel bands but because of the length of the barrel i thought i had to use one. So i took something off of the outer diameter of the barrel to make the barrel band fit.

Eventually the barrel band fitted.

I put the gun together, bought a cheap ass scope (60 euro`s) and took it to the range.
Me and four other guys made our own shooting club, we`ve got a 100 meter indoor track. It`s dirty, it is moist and cold and dark and sinister but we don`t give a hoot. It`s our dirty, moist, cold and dark and sinister shooting range. We`re pleased with it.
For two or three weeks i shot the Koejak on the 50 meter track, it didn`t do too bad, groups were some 2". Not too bad for a $110 gun innit? At the 100 meter track it wasn`t all that good. I didn`t mind, this gun was made for the 50 meters. Untill i took the barrel band off and hopped over to the 100 meter track.

Time after time the Koejak scores great.

Shoots like a $1500 gun. This one costed 110 bucks. 111 bcks since there`s a dead moon sticker on the stock.

What`s a Koejak? I hear ya mutter. It`s 'kloatsek' Frysian for nutsack -like asshole- by my three year old grandson.

Take care.


grumpy 04-01-2017 02:11 AM

Holy cow. Great write up my friend. That is one heck of a shooter you have there for so little money !!


Jward681 04-01-2017 02:21 AM

Roel that's a great write up and pictures you've shared. Even better that you turned such a pile of parts and small sum of money into a fantastic shooter. Can't wait to see more of your collection and adventures in your "dirty, moist, cold and dark and sinister shooting range. "

Clifford 04-01-2017 11:28 AM

Very nice results. I gotta say, I'm really impressed with the accuracy outta that thing. Good work.

Badmoets 04-09-2017 06:15 PM

Dirty, moist, sinister, cold and dark. Like i said.

But sometimes it looks like this. Dry, warm, less dark but still dirty.



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