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Originally Posted by bigredhunter View Post
friend of mine got a hold of a 45 cal texan from the owners of predator. They supplied pellets too. well we ran out of scope trying to sight in at 100 yards and averaged probably 9 shots on a fill. was fun to shoot though.
I'm thinking I can sight it at 100yds n problem as I've seen some guys shooting 500yds with them. Maybe it was because if shooting 9 shots on a fill. From what I've read so far I'm expecting 2 "kill" shots, but when sighting in I will tether at 2800 or so. I'm going to build an in-line reg for my SCBA tank.

Originally Posted by Clifford View Post
I have not had a chance to shoot a texan yet but they look like a pretty good value in the big bore market. Will be very interested in some photos and your shot string results.

400fpe is a tall order for that law, although I'm seriously doubting they go around checking peoples airguns.
Considering I'm getting in the BB game for about $600 I think it's a good "valve". It hasn't been shot much as I don't think the guy realized how much gun it really is. He siad all he ever did was blow apart cinder blocks at about 30yds.
I'm pretty certain you are right about the power level. I bet you 9 out of 10 of our DNR Officers have never even seen a Chrony let alone used one. I'll just show them the PA ad where it says it shoots in excess of 500FPE. That's how they would check a powder burner. They would look at your round and then go off the manufacturer specs to be sure it meets the 1200FPE requirement.
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