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Default My old Bluestreak

This is a pellet rifle that's gotten me many a squirrel in the past, even when I already had a great Ruger 10-22 which I also used for squirrel hunting but only when the people that I was hunting with were using firearms also. I bought this Sheridan new in 1977. I've always been an airgun enthusiast and this past December I found a Umarex BB gun in the woods with my metal detector and it rekindled my passion for shooting especially at the prices of amunition now days.

I've been going hog wild buying airgun stuff since I found the Umarex (I did get it working too with a new spring in the magazine and some extensive ultrasonic cleaning), this coming week I'll be getting my first PCP which is a Benjamin Discovery with the pump, it's on it's way.

Also the old Bluestreak still shoots a mean 5mm still.
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