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Time to add a little more info to this review. I have been dying to try this gun out more but theres never enough time in the day. I was a bit disappointed in the extreme spread of the R10 but was reminded by several friends that sometime regulators need a little time to "break in" Currently I have less then 125 shots through this gun, its for this reason I will revisit the chrony testing part of this test when i have a few more pellets through her.

As I mentioned above the boxing of this gun was minimal at most. Its my opinion that 1100.00 guns should be packaged in a much better way. Ok thats out of the way and on to the shooting part of my testing. Below you will find a full chronograph string.

I still have not found the time to shoot the accompanying pictures to this review but promise they will be forth coming.

As usual running short on time so I will leave you with a couple of likes and dislikes.

Pluses, the stock. It fits me like a glove. One thing I have to commend BSA for is checkering the bottom of the forearm. This is something I will other companies would do to. On the same note I hate the finish on the stock. Its almost like its been in a desert for the last 10 years. It looks dry as a bone which is a shame since it has such a lovely grain to it.

The Trigger, Out of the box the first stage was a little long for my liking, but thats easily adjustable. The second stage was set at about 2 plus pounds which is great for a hunting gun. Well I am a bench shooter and prefer my triggers much lighter. A quick look at the instructions and the second stage was reset to about 15 oz. The trigger is very smooth and grit free.

The MKII has a full length shroud that works OK.I found that Pyramyd Air's loudness rating of 3 is just about spot on. The benchmark I use for backyard friendly is the .177 caliber Benji Marauder. In comparison I would rate the R10 at a fair bit louder. Sorry but the only loudness testing equipment I have is my ears. The nice thing about the BSA is the end of the shroud is threaded for 1/2"x20 threads. This is the industry standard for affixing LDC's. I recommend one of Neil Clague's units. It will make this gun so quiet that all you will hear is the hammer hitting the valve.

The bolt action on this gun is butter smooth. Its very easy to cock, even for my handicapped right hand. The MKII comes with what I understand to be a newly designed magazine. The magazine seems to be made entirely of metal ( a plus in my mind ) To load its very simple. Just drop in a pellet, turn mag and insert another pellet. Repeat until all 10 pellets are loaded. A feature not found on many air gun is the magazine sitting below the top of the reciever. The BSA uses this and it allows the use of much lower scope rings since it does not have to clear the magazine.

Gun: .22 BSA R10 MKII
Scope Hawke Sidewinder 8-32X56
Pellet: un-weighted and non sorted JSB 15.89 gr
Weather: Roughly 80 deg. 80% humidity
Fill Pressure: 224 Bar, 3250 PSI I was little short on air so I could only fill to 3250 instead of 3340 PSI
Ending Pressure 1900 PSI

1. 872
2. 874
3. 863
4. 866
5. 860
6. 861
7. 860
8. 864
9. 862
10. 861
11. 861
12. 858
13. 864
14. 854
15. 860
16. 856
17. 862
18. 857
19. 863
20. 861
21. 862
22. 865
23. 865
24. 867
25. 866
26. 865
27. 863
28. 867
29. 866
30. 861
31. 868
32. 872
33. 872
34. 868
35. 864
36. 859
37. 857
38. 853
39. 848
40. 850

Low FPS 848 FPS
High FPS 874 FPS
Ave FPS 862 FPS
Spread 25 FPS
Peak power 26.9 FPE
Average Power 26.2 FPE

Sorry but I will have to continue with this revue later. Thanks for following and stay tuned.

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