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i am using this Lightning for plinking. At our range -the dirty, dark, moist and sinister range ya all heard about i hope- offers some good plinking facilities. Wile the gun is a bit underpowered it`s no big deal to hit 1" targets at 50 meters.

Since it has the wooden stock it is easier to shoot, it gained some weight and that seems to make the handling of the gun less nervous. I`m shooting 8.4 JSB`s with it. It`s not a gun that you gonna shoot world`s best groups with, that`s for sure. The shot cycle is marvelous.

The trigger needs some work. There`s a spring missing between the trigger and the sear and it has no first stage. It`s like a Career III 300 trigger now. Kinda direct. End of this week the stock is going to some wood sorcerer the cut out the cheekpiece to make it adjustable. Like he did with my AA TX200HC.

All my springers have a white spacer. Looks good on any gun. I have a few meters of roof gutter in my shed, i cut out a piece and start filing like a maniac. All my springers have a piece of roof gutter.

When the work on the stock is done i`ll show ya the results.

Take care.

Best regards.

Roel aka Fokke Mol
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