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Default Anybody here got a Texan?

With Maryland changing our law to now allow Deer and Bear hunting with an Air Rifle as long as it is at least .40 cal and produces 400FPE at the muzzle I'm ready. I'm fairly certain that later in the week I will be working a trade for a .457 Texan with a bunch of accessories. It's coming with an assortment of ammo. 350 Flat nose, 330, 400 and 495 Spitzers and some 415 BTHP's.
Wondering what you guys are shooting and any ideas about where to start that Power wheel and what to do with it based in my results.
Also wondering if there are any common "problems" with them, and what if anything can be done to possibly avoid the problems.
And lastly - what are the "must have" accessories? I'm liking the looks of the Maddog stock but not sure how much weight it will add. Also like to quiet it down and wondering what options are out there.

Thanks in advance.
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