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Jim Eck
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It arrived! To me it is a very nice looking airgun, the gun dealer that I ordered it through is now going to start stocking them he was so impressed with it for the money.

I took it Saturday to work on sighting it in, I only have maybe 30 rounds through it so far, it is still a little loud, you can see smoke from the oil in the barrel still. When I first stated it shot to the right but about the correct elevation, it fook a few shots to bring it over to the left, from there on I was easily putting the shots into a 2 inch circle at roughly 25 yards, good enough for squirrels in my trees, the gun is more than likely capable of better than i am able to shoot, I am not the steadiest guy around and not using a bench rest I was quit happy. When I will be using this gun for my intended purpose I won't have the luxury of a bench rest then either.

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