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Default /best+18+cents+I+ever+spent

If you like a light trigger you have to try this. Remove the heavy .046 wire hairclip spring and replace it with two #4 screw nylon washers.

I measured the original spacer from the rear pivot measured ID .125 OD .251 Hgt .122. Two of the above washers measure .126 high OD almost exact and ID alil tight on pin. I used a new 1/8 drill as a reamer to size the ID till it felt like that factory spacers fit on the pin. I then sanded down with 220 grit the side of the washers with the molding marks till it matched the Hgt of .122. passes the hit on rear etc with out tripping I DID NOT touch any of the other sear or travel adjustments. .

You will need good quality Allen wrench for trigger assembly side cover as its 1/16th a Craftsmen one worked for me and fight tightly in heads. 1/8 drill bit and a piece of 220 or finer sandpaper. Make sure ya wash off the washers after sanding them.

geesh I don't know why I never tried this on the 22 cal Mrod.

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