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Originally Posted by Bob La Londe View Post
Heck I spent more on my .25 Marauder to tune (more mod than tune) it myself than it cost, but I did get a refurb from Norm, so I didn't pay as much for the gun to begin with.

Come to think of it, its probably close with my .177 M-rod too. Also a Refurb from Norm.
What did you spend on?

I bought a $60 regulator and a spare $20 stock to mod. That's it. My .177 MRod is tuned for about 100 shots at 18fpe w/i 2%. I can bump up the reg and get 23fpe if I wanted. Even if you added the cost of a spring, stain, sand paper, bits, TruOil and Mag polish it might make it to $100.
And I can get about $40 back if I sell the original stock.
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