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Originally Posted by s stall View Post
Hello all,I'm having trouble hopping to get some advice.I just bought a gamo big cat for my daughter.Iam trying to sight it in,I can not get any kind of grouping to even begin adjustment.One shot will be near center others all over even off target at 20 yrds.I am shooting rws hyper max 177 5.2gr,also gamo blue flame.I have checked all fasteners on gun and scope all tight.Checked the bore for shavings and cleaned it.I am wondering if the pellets may be to light.My daughter is going to use it for small game hunting (maybe)?
Any help would be great.
Hi, this is accuracy fan. Use heavier lead pellets, like jsb,s @ h@n baracuda,s. Remember the
artillery hold on your air rifle. That means firmly hold the forgrip of your air rifle. Good luck with
your accuracy.Check out artillery hold for your air rifle on youtube.
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