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Originally Posted by boom diggity View Post
what a gun! It was fun sighting it in. Well, it got fun when i realized i need to move the knob alot since i was sighting in at 30 yards and this is a 1/4@100 scope.

Some questions if i may:

1. Do i need to clean this barrel? If so, how? The instructions are gosh-darn vagu

2. There are some parts i cannot id.
A. A tiny black o-ring that came in the package of yellow o-rings for the fill probe. Zero clue where it goes.
B. A threaded set screw that apparently fits in the (i think that is what it is) brass threaded fitting that caps the air reservoir. The the threaded brass thing; is it for decompression or protection?... And what is the threaded plug that fits in the end for?
C. For hunting; primarily turkey hunting. I sighted it in at 30 yards. I figured with decoys i can get them much closer. I do for archery hunts. What is your strategy for a hunting gun? What are you zeroed at?

I am hand pumping my gun with the hill pump. Do i need any teflon tape at the probe threads. It isnt leaking now, but i am unsure. Hand pumping is not bad. Maybe in the dead of summer it will not be fun, but now it is a nice ab workout.

I think that is it for now. I cannot believe how bad the instructions are! For a season pcp veteran, it's a chip shot.for me!! Every move makes me think i am gonna blow the thing up and maim myself.

i am looking forward from learning from you guys. I really bought this thing to put a wild turkey down!! I've taken many with my bow, just want to try some new toys on an old game animal.
always clean new out of box ya will be surprised the crap found in new barrels
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