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Post Bottled Marauder Maintenance(and standard marauder)

First of all do not buy the JDS version of this product IMO. Wait until next month when the OFFICIAL LICENSED product is released to the public from Wicked Air Rifles (WAR).

That being said, maintenance is the same as your standard Marauder rifle. ONLY clean the barrel when accuracy becomes an issue. Ensure proper lubrication of the breech o-ring using pure silicone oil only! Check the o-ring after every tin or so to check for wear and if you see signs of wear replace it with a new one using a dental pick to remove the old and to gently em-place the new one, once again ensuring to lube.

IF you must clean your barrel do so with goo gone only and patches on a piece of weed-eater line. THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO .25 CAL MRODS! On .25 cal Mrods feel free to use a wire brush with goo gone as they have firearms grade barrels and will not be damaged by the use of brass brushes and rods. Once you have scrubbed thoroughly move to patches and run clean patches until they come out clean. (NOTE: It is wise to remove your breech o-ring when using a wire brush on your .25 cal Marauder.)

Other key points to lubricate are the hammer and hammer spring. A GREAT lube for this is DuPont Krytox, although pricey, a little goes a long ways and your gun will increase in efficiency due to using it.

Last but not least when changing o-rings anywhere internally on the gun I once again prefer DuPont Krytox. Just a dab on your finger and run it around the o-ring is all you need, then simply ease the part back into position.

Hope this is helpful to any new Marauder owners out there!!

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