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Oh. Ok. I bought the JDS Airman a while back for my .25. I just installed it today. There are a couple things I don't like about it, but since I have a CNC mill I was able to install the block nice and square. I think if I did another one I'ld make it myself. Nothing special to it really. I originally was going to make my own, but... well you know how that goes.

I like the idea of the one PakProtector was offering with a cut down airtube already machined so the end user doesn't have to do any machining. I just kept seeing references to GTA whenever I asked about it. Since I'm persona non grata over there...

Anyway, mine is done for now. I didn't have much air in my pony bottle so I'll have to charge that up before I can see what the 22CI bottle did for my shot string. I did cut the air tube a little on the long side to try and optimize volume. Not really happy with my stock work, but I have a spare stock already so I can redo it when I get the urge.
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