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Here are some more products that will be introduced at the shot show. Looks like Umarex will introduce some new ammo

Umarex and PolyCase teamed up to produce airgun ammunition using the PolyCase ARX bullet design. The projectiles are a polymer-copper composition and do not expand. The rounds, for lack of a better description, screw into the target and cause damage to radiate outward.

Crosman will be introducing a new ldc on their NP2. I have shot the np2 and I must say its a quiet gun already.

Crosman will introduce the new Silencing Barrel Device on its Nitro Piston 2 line of air rifles at the SHOT Show. This new sound suppressor is said to offer “best in class” sound attenuation and three times more quiet than competitors spring piston, break action air gun.

Last but not least, I'm seeing that Umarex is also introducing a new pcp in their line up.

Umarex announced a new PCP (pre-charged pneumatic) air rifle that is said to provide consistent velocities across many shots from its 13 cubic inch tank. According to the company one fill will get you 70 shots at 1,000 fps with .177 caliber pellets and 60 shots at 900 fps with .22 caliber rounds. This is a bolt action repeater that sounds ready for an afternoon of small game hunting or plinking. The MSRP is only $299.

Would like to get my hands on one of them to see how well they shoot.
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