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Default Been tuning my Air Ranger and Huntsman

Well I got out the tools and tore it apart been posting sone stuff on here about it. Time to sum it all up and put the infor in one spot!

After takeing the rifle apart polishing the hammer and reciver tube. Makeing different hammer spring bushings and changing springs I have found that the Air Ranger Platform is very easy to change power on.

I have gotten power anywhere from 43 FPE - Up to a whoping 70FPE
with the factory hammer spring and hammer no change to the vavle.

I have gotten down to 18 FPE with a different hammer spring and bushing as well. THe fill presure will change wiht the spring and bushing changes, Mine went form a 3600 psi fill to a 2700 psi fill from 60 FPE to 43 FPE and shot count from 29 shots to 40 shots.

I found my best accuracy in the 900 and below range with 25.4 JSBS

I found 3/4 derlin rod and made different hammer spring bushings out of it. By using a table saw and miter saw. It was very easy to do. I used the table saw to cut a collar on the 3/4 rod down to 15mm pr 5/8ths. Then used the miter box saw to cut it to length. I made a assortment so I can have power adjusted from 43-70 FPE in steps to test for accuracy. I did not drill a hole in my bushings like the factory one to adjust teh hammer stroke I found no need to adjust that yet. The white bushing is the factory one.

I have a step by step pic on how to take apart the rifle quickly and easily to adjust power and youtube vids as well. Takes may be 10 min total.

TOOLs needed allen wrenches only 3/16th, 3/32nd,and 1/16th.

Loosen the 2 3/32nd back brecch screws by the saftey first just til loose dont take them out yet. This will let off the pressure on the set screws to make it easier to get them out with out stripping them.

Next loosen the 2 set screws back by the saftey til loose dont take out yet.

Now take out the first two breech screws all the way tip gun over if you need to to get them ALL the way Out. They need to come all the way out so you can get the rotary saftey block off.

Now you need to hold the saftey on while pushing in the hammer spring will be pusing out so tension is a must. You can put the barrel on the ground and push down to help if you want to make it real easy.

Now take the two 1/6th set screws all they way out. Holding the saftey tight to the gun till both set screws are out on on each side of the reciver tube. After they are out slowly let the saftey come out the hammer spring will push it out easily dont let if go flying across the room or could loose a eye or sumptin ( LOL just kidding ) but you dont want it to go flying that is for sure.

Here you have the spring and bushing if the bushing doesnt come with dont worry the hammer wont come out wiht out takeing a retaining screw out just tip the rifle up in the air and out comes the bushing. Or uwse the small allen wrench to fish it out.

So now you can change spring or bushing to adjust the pwoer of your ranger.

TO put it back togther do in reverse order. Make sure you tighten the set screws up first then the breech screws last or binding will occur.

Youtube links

Power adjustment vid

Polishing Vid

part 1

part 2

part 3

Hope that helps some of you guys out thanks Jim
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