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Air Gun Forums » Air Guns Reviews » Pellet Reviews » Testing PDG Pellets on my Bottle disco .22

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Old 04-29-2015, 09:58 PM   #1
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Default Testing PDG Pellets on my Bottle disco .22

I received samples of Pretty "dang" Good (PDG) pellets to test on my disco.

I tested the pellets from 40 yards. I used JSB 18.1s as my baseline. I maxed out my current setup with a short heavy spring. This gave me 950 fps with JSBs. Conditions were windy about 10 mphs. I did quick shots which mean I did not spend a lot of time aiming. I chronied every shot.

They performed well. Better than other pellets I have shot through my gun at that distance. Groups were bigger than with JSBs but not bad for hunting. The Bombs did amazing with power. Putting it at 40fpe!

One thing that might affect accuracy is that my gun only has 29cc of plenum and 1600 psi set point in the regulator. So efficiency is low and I知 using/wasting a lot of air. With just that amount of plenum, I was able to get plenty of power. My guess is that I could get close to 43-44 fpe with my gun if I use the full length spring. I can Shoot the JSBs 18.1s at 990-1000 fps with the full spring.

The destroyers were disappointing in the power level. They are at tight fit in my barrel. I had a feeling this would happen. My lead is for pellets and not bullets. The barrel I'm using is a 24" TJ .22. I can't remember the specs but It is the one that Bob and Sean work with TJ to make.

Baseline 18.1 JSB
5 shots
FPS: 950
Spread: 7pfs
FPE: 36.3
Note: I did not retract my bolt on the first shot so you will see it one low. it shot around 780fps

(1) 26grn Bombs
5 shots
FPS: 830
Spread: 15fps
FPE: 40.7

(2) 26grn Destroyers
5 shots
FPS: 690
Spread: 15fps
FPE: 27.5
Note: hard to push in the barrel. My barrel lead is for pellets.

(3) 19grn Domes
5 shots
FPS: 940
Spread: 12fps
FPE: 37.3

(4) 18grn HP痴
5 shots
FPS: 960
Spread: 10fps
FPE: 36.8

Diana 48 .177, AA S400 MPR FT .177 - Field Target - WFTF, Custom Bottle Disco .22 - 30 fpe, Mrod .25 Project gun
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