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Air Gun Forums » Air Guns Reviews » Air Guns and accessory reviews » 3D Printed LDC for Air Arms MPR FT .177

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Old 04-18-2015, 12:55 PM   #1
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Lightbulb 3D Printed LCD for Air Arms MPR FT .177

Long story short, My wife mentioned to me that I should be careful with the MPR. It is loud when shooting and neighbors have been complaining in the neighbors watch about some explosion sound in the early evening. This is unrelated to my shooting but I figure I should try to keep it quiet.

My options where get one made for it, about $150. I have all the materials to make one but no lathe. Then I thought You don't I just 3D print the parts. So yesterday I worked on the design and sent to get printed. The total cost for the on printed with 5 baffles is $48

A couple of spects about the design. It uses a 1" OD tube. and the bore through the ldc is 8mm. it is bigger than most .177 ldcs you see around. I did not want it to affect accuracy.

Click on the link if you want to inspect the part
Part1 : barrel attachement:

Part2: End cap:

Part3: Baffles:

I'm going to use a piece of aluminum tube to put it al together and 5 baffles.


Putting the parts together:

The fit was close to perfect. everything slided in with very low tolerances.

I made a video of the difference in sound. Sadly it does not reflect the difference so well. The difference is even greater in person

As far as accuracy. I'll have to test it better when its not so windy. The wind is twirling right now and is pushing the pellets all over the place. First I thought it was the LDC but I put the stripper on it and it was doing the same thing.


I finished it with black semigloss spray paint.

I finally tested accuracy and it is perfect. It did not hurt accuracy. All My testing was done from 40 yards. I'm vary happy with the results.
Diana 48 .177, AA S400 MPR FT .177 - Field Target - WFTF, Custom Bottle Disco .22 - 30 fpe, Mrod .25 Project gun

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Old 04-19-2015, 02:36 AM   #2
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Cool as hell ! Look forward to hearing more about your testing
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