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Air Gun Forums » Air gun Alley » Big Bore's » Casted some lead for my 308 Extreme and tested them out!!

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Old 04-21-2013, 11:16 PM   #1
Join Date: Dec 2012
Posts: 44
Default Casted some lead for my 308 Extreme and tested them out!!

A nd some happy testing it was regardless of the poor conditions the weather had to offer!

I am glad to say the bullets/pellets are shooting well. The rifle too. IN fact the combitantion is shooting way better than I. Now these are not run off and claim shooter of the year groups. BUt I am happy as heck to have shot them.

NOw to set the stage I have been playin wiht my New Extreme 308 and have had it out for the 3rd time now. SO alot of learning to do yet and testing as well I feel we are creeping forward as to the set up and me as the shooter.

So today I did 2 shots for each fill and chose 3900 for my fill presure why cuase it was COLD and my tank dropped from 4500 to 4300 just from air temp. the rifle seems to like 4300 fill and peaks at 3900 and then back down at 3500 and drops alot at 3000. I use about 400PSI - 450 PSI per shot from my guns air resivor. SO 3900 seemed good. I did not tether cusae I got a short line and it effects accuracy.

at 100yrds My best group was a 5/8th 5 shots total. I saw them all go into that little to me group one after anoughter all in a row! NOw its in the middle of some other stuff but I am cool with that. My next best was 7/8ths 5shots and only one high shot took me out of a 1/2" group and then 1.25 3 shot groups was my last and I really tried to hit the dot one shot did clip it. I did some lead slinging in one other big group as well and that is were my 5/8th inch groups got burried so I know it happened one shot after anouther.

So the day ended at 3500 PSI and was doing 2 shots each all the way down to 3500. I feel the gun shoots good I am sure some more ammo adjustments alot more shooter improvement and better conditons and A longer Tether line and I may be able to shrink those some more and move out to 150-200yrds soon.

So 45 shots were taken and 1000 PSI of air was used. Light factory supplied spring 151.2gr ammo lubed wiht Brichwood Caseys Synthetic gun lube. Best groups were in the 3900 3800 PSI fill Range. 4300 {SI FILL shot string is 998,934,887 ave 2 shot FPE Is 312 Peak is 331 FPE, for 3900 PSI fill shot string is 962,922,834 ave 2 shot FPE is 297 peak is 310 FPE
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