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Old 12-30-2011, 10:59 PM   #1
Join Date: Nov 2011
Location: northern Chicago suburbs
Posts: 42
Default Daisy 747 Review

I've had this gun for a while now, so I should probably go ahead and write a review.

Starting from 10, I deducted one point for a bad paint job. Someone at the factory had nicked the paint and covered over it with permanent marker. Looks a little ghetto. Also, the plastic bolt feels a little flimsy, though it works fine.

The Lothar-Walther barrel, along with the nice crisp, adjustable trigger means that the only reason to miss with this gun is if you can't hold it steady enough. It should be noted here that the 747 is the model with the Lothar Walther barrel, and the 717 is the one with the Daisy barrel. Based on my great experience with the Daisy 953, I wouldn't hesitate to go for the 717 is money is a factor. But since in this case, it was only $40 more, I went all-out and got the 747.

The trigger has no creep, and is adjustable for weight. It breaks cleanly, and has a nice, wide blade. The only way this could have been a 10 were if it were adjustable down below 1 lb. weight, like a free pistol.

SIGHTS: 8/10
They are nicely shaped and sized. The front post fits just right into the rear notch, and they are easily adjustable with typical size flat-head screwdrivers. I took off one point for the lack of a grooved receiver for a scope, and another point because they sights, though well-shaped, are king of big for really precision shooting.

ACTION: 10/10
The action is the reason I went with this gun instead of another one. It is a single pump pneumatic. Therefore, no recoil to throw the shot off. No multiple-pumping, like on the Crosman 1377. I wouldn't have it any other way. This is designed as a 10m target pistol that is still affordable.

GRIPS: 9/10
They are shaped well for those of us men with larger than normal men. I guess I shouldn't have said "us" since I have small hands. It just barely fits my hands. The grips are not ambidextrous. They're for righties, but Daisy will send you a set of lefty grips upon request. I'm not sure if they charge for this or not. The grips are plastic. I feel that at the $200 price point, Daisy could have at least provided some type of wood grips.

JSB Exact RS, 7.3 gr. - 365 fps
Crosman Premier Light, 7.9 gr. - 323
Meisterkugeln Pistol, 7.0 gr. - 354
RWS Diabolo Basic, 7.0 gr. - 346

I like that this pistol still looks like a "real pistol" and not like some hyper-modern space gun, like the more expensive pistols do. In the end, it doesn't matter, but thats what I like. To my eye, it looks a bit like Robocop's Beretta. Until you get this gun in your hand and shoot it, it rather looks like a toy; like something that should cost $30 and not $200. Nevertheless, it shoots like a $200 airgun. One guy on one of the forums says he takes starlings with head shots with this gun at 10-15 yards. I haven't tried it myself, but I guess I believe it. It would cave the skull in, even if it didn't have enough energy to enter the brain.


The only photo I have of this gun at the moment is in this "Pumper family portrait". If/when I take more, I'll post them here. The top rifle is the Daisy 953, which is reviewed elsewhere. The black pistol is the 747 reviewed here. Next to that is my Crosman 1377, after a few mods. At the bottom is my brother's old Crosman 66 Powermaster. (now called the Recruit, and with a junky-looking stock.)

"Well begun is half done." - Aristotle
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Old 03-02-2015, 03:52 PM   #2
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Join Date: Nov 2014
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yes, It is a good gun
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