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Old 10-20-2012, 10:22 PM   #1
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Default Pellet Weights

Pellet Weight
Quality pellets from Beeman, Crosman, H&N, JSB, RWS, Eun Jin

Pellet - .177 Adv. Wt Head Type
H&N Field Target Trophy Green 5.56 Round
H&N Baracuda Green 6.48 Round
RWS Super H Point 6.90 HollowPoint
RWS Club 7.00 Wadcutter
RWS Hobby 7.00 Wadcutter
RWS R10 Light 7.00 Wadcutter
RWS Meisterkugen Pistol 7.00 Wadcutter
H&N Hollow Point 7.10 HollowPoint
Beeman Silver Bear 7.10 HollowPoint
H&N Match Pistol 7.56 Wadcutter
Beeman H&N Match HS 7.56 Wadcutter
Beeman Laser Sport 7.70 Wadcutter
Napier Power Hunter 7.72 Round
JSB Exact Express 7.87 Round
Crosman Premier Lites 7.90 Round
JSB Predator 8.00 Pointer
Beeman Bearcub 8.09 Wadcutter
Beeman H&N Match 8.18 Wadcutter
H&N Match Rifle 8.18 Wadcutter
RWS Meisterkugeln 8.20 Wadcutter
RWS Superpoint 8.20 Pointed
RWS R10 Heavy 8.20 Wadcutter
RWS Superdome 8.30 Round
JSB -Exact 8.44 Round
Beeman Silver Sting 8.61 Pointed
H&N Sipitzkugel 8.64 Pointed
H&N Field Target Trophy 8.64 Round
Beeman FTS 8.64 Round
Beeman FTS Double Gold 8.80 Round
H&N Field Target Trophy Power 8.80 Round
H&N Crow Magnum 8.80 HollowPoint
Beeman Crow Magnum 8.80 HollowPoint
RWS Super Mag 9.30 Wadcutter
H&N Baracuda Power 10.19 Round
JSB -Exact Heavy 10.34 Round
H&N Baracuda Hunter 10.34 HollowPoint
Crosman Premier Heavy 10.50 Round
Beeman Kodiak Match 10.65 Round
Beeman Kodiak 10.65 Round
H&N Baracuda 10.65 Round
H&N Baracuda Match 10.65 Round
Beeman Kodiak Double Gold 10.19 Round
Beeman Silver Arrow 11.57 Pointed
H&N Silver Point 11.57 Pointed
H&N Rabbit Magnum II 15.74 Round

Pellet .20 Adv. Wt Head Type
Beeman Laser 9.20 Specialty
Beeman Silver Bear 9.88 HollowPoint
Beeman H&N Match 10.03 Wadcutter
Beeman Silver Sting 10.96 Pointed
H&N Spitzkugel 10.96 Pointed
Beeman FTS 11.42 Round
H&N Field Target Trophy 11.42 Round
Beeman FTS Double Gold 11.47 ROund
Beeman Crow Magnum 12.81 HollowPoint
H&N Crow Magnum 12.81 HollowPoint
JSB Predator 13.00 Pointed
Beeman Kodiak 13.27 Round
H&N Baracuda 13.27 Round
Beeman Kodiak Double Gold 13.34 ROund
JSB Exact 13.73 Round
Crosman Premier 14.30 Round
Benj Sheridan Cylindrical 14.30 Cylindrical
Beeman Silver Arrow 15.59 Pointed
Eun Jin 25.00 Round

Pellet .22 Adv. Wt Head Type
Crosman SSP 9.5 Pointed
RWS Hobby 11.90 Wadcutter
Beeman Silver Bear 12.65 HollowPoint
H&N Hollow Point 12.65 HollowPoint
Beeman Laser 13.36 Specialty
Beeman H&N Match 13.73 Wadcutter
RWS Meisterkugeln 14.00 Wadcutter
RWS Super H Point 14.20 Pointed
Crosman Premier 14.30 Round
JSB Express 14.35 Round
RWS Superpoint 14.50 Pointed
RWS Superdome 14.50 Round
Napier UPH 14.50 Round
Beeman FTS 14.66 Round
H&N Field Target Trophy 14.66 Round
Beeman FTS Double Gold 14.72 Round
Napier Power Hunter 15.42 Round
JSB Straton 15.50 Pointed
Beeman Silver Sting 15.74 Pointed
H&N Spitzkugel 15.74 Pointed
JSB Exact (Jumbo) 15.90 Round
JSB Predator 16.00 Pointed
Beeman Silver Arrow 17.13 Pointed
H&N Silver Point 17.13 Pointed
JSB Exact Heavy 18.13 Round
Beeman Crow Magnum 18.21 HollowPoint
Beeman Kodiak Hollow Point 18.21 HollowPoint
H&N Crow Magnum 18.21 HollowPoint
Beeman Kodiak Double Gold 21.12 Round
Beeman Kodiak 21.14 Round
H&N Baracuda 21.14 Round
H&N Baracuda Match 21.14 Round
H&N Rabbit Magnum II 24.69 Round
JSB Exact Monster 25.39 Round
Skenco BigBoy Senior 27.50 Round

Pellet - .25 Adv. Wt Head Type
Beeman Laser 17.70 Specialty
Beeman FTS 19.50 Round
H&N Field Target Trophy 20.06 Round
Beeman H&N Match 21.14 Wadcutter
Beeman Silver Arrow 24.38 Pointed
H&N Silver Point 24.38 Pointed
H&N Spitzkugel 24.85 Pointed
Beeman Silver Sting 25.12 Pointed
JSB Exact King 25.39 Round
JSB Predator 26.00 Pointed
Beeman Crow Magnum 26.23 HollowPoint
H&N Crow Magnum 26.23 HollowPoint
Beeman Silver Bear 26.23 HollowPoint
H&N HollowPoint 26.23 HollowPoint
H&N Ram Point 27.00 Pointed
Benjamin Domed 27.50 Round
Beeman Kodiak 30.70 Round
Beeman Kodiak Match 31.02 Round
RWS SuperDome 31.00 Round
H&N Baracuda 31.02 Round
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Nice info.
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