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Old 03-04-2017, 03:06 AM   #1
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Join Date: Apr 2015
Location: Plainfield, IL
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Default Talon Transformation

So after watching Clifford and Jim set up their Condors the itch to get more power for my Talon struck. I spent hours and hours reading and thinking then the light bulb turned on. A while back a friend had sent me the CO2 adapter for AF rifles and I had yet to pick up a paintball tank to use it with. Doing some reading I learned that the valve bodies on the Condor and Talon are the same, it's just the internals that are different. Out came the tools to remove the upper portion of each valve so that I could swap the Tophat, poppet or seat as AF refers to it, spring and brass retainer I now have what's commonly called a Talondor. Filled her up to 2k to make sure she's holding overnight then the fun begins of testing and tuning with my goal of shooting heavy .22s with some of the newer pellets on the market.
Just to show ya the biggest difference between the Condor and TALON is the valve stem/flow here's a crappy picture for you all.
Well off to order some heavies. In the meantime I'll start with the JSB 18.13s and test the others I have on hand just for grins.
Will update with progress as I get to testing

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Old 04-14-2017, 06:49 AM   #2
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Join Date: Apr 2015
Location: Plainfield, IL
Posts: 83

Update: another friend sent me some 26gr PDG Destroyers and Bombers to start testing. Last night I went down to the basement to do until testing just to see how they shot as I'm a good and forgot my chrony at my buddy's house so couldn't really work on timing levels.

The gun was set to PW 7 tank at 2800psi. I experienced some odd results as the valve wasn't opening on a few shots and on others the pellet would not exit the muzzle. I increased the PW setting (which for anyone who doesn't know adjusts the hammer spring preload) to the max and continued to try. The valve was opening each shot now but I was still getting the pellet issue so decided to call it a wrap and start investigating what was happening.

I pulled the bottle off the gun and inspected the bore from the breech end. Nothing obvious appeared but since I had it apart and didn't know when if ever the previous owner had cleaned the gun and I'd put somewhere around 3500-4000 pellets through it I figured it was about time to run some patches. 3 wet patches and 4 dry patches and she's clean as a whistle.

Digging deeper I opted to remove the breech, inspect the hammer for any wear along with the hammer spring. No abnormal wear marks showed on the hammer but my curiosity got to me. I'd been told when I bought this rifle that it had the Talon Tunes heavy Talon hammer(65gr) but upon hitting the scale I discovered it was indeed the Condor hammer at a hefty 92gr. This prompted me to inspect the spring again having been told it was the TT heavy spring. This is when it got weird finding a small piece of electrical tape wrapped around a coil about halfway down the spring.

Talking to a few others I'm told AirForce stock springs have a sticker around them that's supposed to act as a buffer so I'm guessing that what the tape was attempting to emulate. Not sure if it was causing binding inside the frame or added drag during the shot cycle but to remove any possibility of either I removed the tape and reinstalled the bare spring.

Ran out of energy today after reassembling the rifle so she sits for another night. Next part to follow in the next few days.
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